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#Bruised But Not Broken

This is a re-post of an article I read about @SherylUnderwood  being - honest, humble and courageous with Respect & Dignity. She's a Beautiful and Extraordinary Woman inside and out.

I'm not big on news because it can be down right disturbing at times. But, I had to re-post and share this article I read. 
Ms. Sheryl Underwood is already known to the world as a comedian, some movie roles and of course as one of the Hosts of CBS "The Talk".

But, with all that being said, she's much more than her "Titles" in my own opinion! She was willing to be open and share with the world about an experience in her career as a comedian that could have been a breaking point in her life for everyone to see.  But, instead she kept quiet...until she was asked along with the other host's on CBS "The Talk" to share a "secret". 

I feel she was forgiving and honest - all the while keeping her Dignity and Composure. She could 
have took the low road to downgrade those women, whom had previously downgraded and put her 
down in the most disrespectful way. 

But, instead Ms. Underwood chose to be the Bigger person through forgiveness and thanking those women whom had downed her. And, she continued over the years to work with some of them and be kind to them with a smile on her face. Remember, kindness is FREE!

As I listened to her tell her "secret" which she kept over the brought tears to my eyes!

Don't get me wasn't only because she had been ridiculed; but also because I was so 
encouraged and amazed on how she continued to show kindness; knowing what they really thought about her. 

I refuse to condemn them, slander their name, disrespect them or put them down. 
I'm sure some of the Media Outlets have already jumped on that ban-wagon!  Which is not really called for. People make 
mistakes and say hurtful things that can destroy a persons self image. Believe me, I know from my 
own personal life experiences.

Ms. Underwood has shown everyone that - it doesn't matter what others say about you, call you or think of you; it only matters what you think about yourself and what you choose to answer too 
(in Tyler Perry's "Madea's voice)! 

Plus, I'm sure those women are regretting the words they spoke!

Please, take the time to read the full article on the CBS link above, watch the video and visit her site - Pack Rat Productions, Inc.

As she stated - she was #BruisedButNotBroken!
What a Powerful statement and Point of View

I really believe in my heart, as she motivated her to get to the place where she currently is 
in life...where God wants her to be!

I'm sure when she gave her story, she had NO idea of the impact...that it would have on others. Here's  a YouTube link to the video below at -

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