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How to tell if the one you want, is ready for you


I’ve always been the type of person to believe that love conquers all. My sometimes blind optimism has caused me a lot of pain and grief, and while my wisdom has forced me to make adjustments, I’m still very much the hopeless romantic. But being a hopeless romantic won’t save you from heartache.
Many people feel that dating is tough, and it will be if you’re attempting to date someone who’s unavailable. You’ve got to pay attention to who it is you’re interested in to see if they’re worth it, and if they believe that you are.
My definition of availability goes well beyond marital status or one’s financial position in life. What I’m referring to is the mindset, expectations and desires of the person you’re looking to lock down. There are certain characteristics, actions and behaviors that those who are ready for commitment possess. Here’s a top six.

1. They Make Their Intentions Known Up Front

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Guard your Heart!


Original Article: By Tony Gaskins

One of our biggest problems is that we give too much, too soon. We build up in our minds what we want in a relationship and we get desperate to receive it. Then we finally get something that looks like a relationship and we jump all in. We go in head over heels and we get distracted. We ignore red flags and we ignore the warning signs. We get signs that we should walk away but we stay because 
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Ladies "Beware" - 10 Questions You Should ASK a Man Before You Have SEX With Him ~

(Repost by Popular Demand)

By: Angela Davis

10 Questions You Should ASK a Man Before You Have SEX With Him ~
Now for those of you who think these questions are too personal, What's more personal than your VAGINA? There is NOTHING you can't ask a man who is trying to get into your Panties. If he can suggest sex on the first, second, third, or 50th date, you can ask whatever you WANT!!

Ask the following Questions PRIOR to having sex. Ladies you have to remember that MOST men under the age of 40 are thinking on the FIRST date..."how much do I have to invest to Hit it?" Most men are seeing you with ONE EYE. The Penile eye.... A mans emotions take time to catch up with his erection. The problem is Women are not giving men time to like them. To see them with BOTH eyes. Ladies dare to be different. Dare to be the woman that are not desperate. Dare to be the one that challenges him intellectually! Attract him with your spirit and your intellect. If he doesn't want to answer these questions or thinks they are too INTRUSIVE..he is NOT interested in getting to know you!!...Intellectual men appreciate Intellect!!! Now don't ask these question like an interrogation...Like Judge Judy....Be charming, be friendly, be playful...don't ask in a series like a Drill Sergeant!
But TRUST, this is information that you NEED, whether it takes two dates or twenty. Don't be a TEST Dummy. Get in his head before he Gets in your Bed...

Here it goes:
1) Where do he live: Seems simple right? WRONG.

Many many woman have sex with a man on the 2nd or 3rd date and you've never been to his house! It happened at your place or a hotel. A man could be married, homeless or living with his boy with the pink lipstick. He could be in a half way house. DO NOT have sex with a man whose home you have never seen, don't know his lifestyle or his address!! That's how women get tricked by married men. This goes for out of town men, military men...what EVER. You don't know where he lives..he DOESN'T touch your cookies.

2) Are you physically single: You have the ABSOLUTE right to know if a man is sexually involved with someone else. A booty call, his ex, a hooker. Viruses have a 90 day incubation period! If he's had sex within the Last 90 days..eatin out some chick and kissing you..he could have gonorrhea of the Throat!...You could be sucking up some other chicks coochie cooties from the night before!...Spend enough time with the dude that you know and ASK. Hesitation suggest a lie. Listen between the lines...listen to the silence and the umms and ahhs. Hes probably NEVER been asked that before. Take your time.

3) What are your relationship Goals: You need to know if a man wants the same type of relationship that you want! If he says hes just "kickin it" believe that! If he says he has no goals...then he is not looking for a serious relationship...however he may be open to one. If he says casual..he is not seeing you as relationship potential...YET! A man will answer according to his level of interest in you!!...Listen closely. Don't date a man who doesn't want what you want.

4) What type of women do he respect: He will hesitate if you are not the type of woman that he respects. Listen closely. If he says his Mom..and his Mom is a Deaconess at the church who has been married 40 years..and you're dressed like a hoochie, four martini's to the wind...your in trouble!!...If he says you...JACKPOT! Could be a line, but a good answer and a great start. If he says you..ask "Why"...

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