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Are You Being Catfished by Facebook or Online Dating Sites

By: Andrienne @ SocialVex

Whether you have seen the documentary based TV show, are familiar with Manti Te’o, or saw the theme throughout last season’s Glee, you are probably familiar with the idea of “catfishing.” However, if you are an avid outdoorsman, you are probably confused about why this funny little fish is making national news. With the growing dependence on technology, and what I can only assume to be the cruel effects of boredom, catfishing no longer means sitting back in your boat with a line cast.

What is Catfishing?

According to a recent documentary, catfishing is the act of pretending to be another individual on a social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, or online chats, with the intention of making another person fall in love with you. Basically, it is like a secret admirer that you talk to on a regular basis, but you will never be able to meet them in the near future due to conflicts like long distance and low finances. From what we can tell, there is no true financial or personal gain from catfishing another individual, it is simply a means to play a very mean prank or to find an outlet to express your personality in what seems like a safe way for you, but will most likely cause great harm to your target.

Is This Man Too Good To Be True? 7 Warning signs

You've found him; you know this guy you met on the web is The One. You've bonded over long online conversations. He made you laugh over the phone when you talked about your favorite movies, food and childhood memories. He's friended you on Facebook and didn't freak out when you changed your status to "in a relationship."

Yet as perfect as he is, there are warning bells going off in your head. It's been six months and he refuses to meet in person. Does this mean you should move on? Alas, in many cases it does. If you note any of these seven warning signs, it's time to throw this fish back in the online sea.

1. He’s Vague about His Marital Status
There are a lot of married men who troll the online dating sites for cheap thrills, but really they have no intention of leaving their wives. If he refuses to answer questions about his marital status or insists that he's moving out "soon," move along yourself. He's not going to leave his wife.

2. He Has Money Issues
If you've noted bankruptcy attorneys on Facebook asking him to contact them as soon as possible, that's a sign of financial trouble. It's time to cut and run.

3. He Won't Show You a Picture
Some people are shy or embarrassed of their decidedly non-super model looks. But if your guy still refuses to show you a picture after six months, somethings wrong. That means he doesn't want you to know who he is, and that could mean you already know him, or worse, he's already involved with someone you know.

4. His Picture is Too Good to Be True
It's certainly possible that someone who looks like Brad Pitt's better-looking twin brother is doing the online dating thing, but it's not likely. If you haven't met him in person and the photo he sent you of himself is too good to be true, he's hiding something. Drop him if he won't meet up.

5. He Lives 3,000 Miles Away
It's true that sometimes long-distance romances can work out. But if you're hoping to go the kids-and-marriage route, you need to decide right now if it's worth dating someone so far away. Otherwise, it's going to end in heartbreak.

6. He Won't Meet Up
Heard of the MTV show, "Catfish?" You could be a victim if your man refuses to meet up. That means he's not real; he's just been stringing you along with made-up names and stories for the fun of it. It's horribly mean, but it happens.

7. He Hasn't Changed His Own Relationship Status

After six months he's in or he's out, and you shouldn't wait around for him to decide. 

Author's Bio:

Adrienne is a blogger and freelance writer who's had her fair share of unlucky-in-love situations. See more of her work on her blog Pongra.

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