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Reasons Some Women are Attracted to Losers

Why does it seem that some women are attracted to losers?  Losers can be defined as any guy who doesn’t have a job, lives at home still, basically I guy who doesn’t treat with the respect that she deserves.

  1. Many women are attracted to guys that treat them badly because they think they like the “bad boy” image that he has.  They are excited by the image until they have to live with the rest of him.
  2. Some women are attracted to guys that are similar to their fathers without even consciously knowing it.  If they were verbally or physically abused by their fathers that may be how they relate to men and expect to be treated a certain way by a man.
  3. Women with low self esteem may feel that the only guys that will ever like them are the losers.  They think so little of themselves that they don’t think they deserve to be treated well.
  4. Often times women are attracted to a guy’s looks first and then find out his personality is pretty ugly.  The attractive guys have always gotten the girls and so they don’t have to try as hard and may have a big ego.
  5. Losers are often times all show and women want what they can’t have.  Once in the relationship she might not stay with him either.
  6. Lots of women crave excitement and guys who do drugs or drink and run around are often anything, but dull.  It’s like their own private soap opera.
  7. Women don’t want to be lonely.  Sometimes dating the not-so-perfect guy is just a stepping-stone to finding a better one.
  8. Some women get into a relationship and it’s all chocolate and roses and then as time goes on the guy changes.  After being with a guy for a long time there’s a fear of going out on your own again.
  9. There are women that are looking for a project boyfriend.  Thinking that once in the relationship they can change him and mold him into the perfect mate.  This rarely if ever happens.
  10. If a woman isn’t such a nice person herself perhaps the losers are the only ones that will put up with her.
Final Thought: Most people, who are stable and emotionally mature will not want a needy person, who is looking for someone else to change an aspect or shortcoming in their life. If what you are looking for is someone to "Make your life exciting," you may need a shrink, more than you do a boyfriend. Relationships are about sharing responsibilities. No healthy person, male or female, would stay with a person who is doing all the leading or work to maintain it.


Sonia Rumzi said...

Excellent post. How true too.

Widow_Lady302 said...

Love this post! I have seen this behavior in my friends (male friends too) and it drives me nuts! Preach it girl! We are worthy of better, and we need to act like, and teach it to guys who think otherwise!

sulekkha said...

"No healthy person, male or female, would stay with a person who is doing all the leading or work to maintain it." These words should be posted on the refrigerator. Lovely post.

I am at

Jorie Pacli said...

Geez! I didn't really pay attention to all these stuff.... But good thing I read your's interesting and I just need to know... so thanks so much for sharing....:)

Mary said...

How very true! They should offer classes in school to teach this stuff to youngsters. Unfortunately not though:(
It is very sad to see couples, one that takes the front stage while the other falls back. I see this more than I care to and just wonder how long that particular relationship will last.

Rimly said...

As usual very informative. Thank you for sharing.

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