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Post-Valentine's Day Love — for Yourself

By: Maire -

Valentine’s Day can wreak havoc on the emotions of even the most well-adjusted individuals. Whether you’re in a relationship or single and wishing you had someone to share the day with, Valentine’s Day can be tough. Now that February 14th is past, take the time to treat yourself to keep the spirit of love alive.

Schedule Some “Me Time"
With your hectic schedule, it can be tough to juggle work, school, family time and other responsibilities. To keep you from becoming too stressed, schedule some time for yourself at least once or twice per week. Make an appointment for a massage, facial or mani/pedi to pamper your body and relax. If a spa visit isn’t in the budget, a do-it-yourself manicure is a great way to pamper yourself for mere pennies. Or just block off time to drink a cup of tea and enjoy a good book or your favorite magazine. Scheduling me time into your smartphone or calendar ensures that you make it a priority.

Make Dinner Plans
If you’re getting sick of the same old workaday grub, treat yourself to a nice dinner. If you’re handy in the kitchen, set aside an evening to whip up a gourmet meal. Enjoy a glass of wine while you cook to help yourself relax. If cooking isn’t your thing, make a reservation at that great new restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Don’t wait for a special occasion—you’re worth the splurge.

Buy Yourself a New Trinket
There’s always something satisfying about buying yourself a little something that brings a smile to your face. Whether it’s a gorgeous necklace you've been eyeing or a fabulous eternity bracelet to go with your favorite outfit, a new piece of jewelry is a great treat. Choose something fashion-forward that fits with your overall vibe, ensuring that you’ll wear it nonstop.

Take a Hike
Although it can be tempting to lie on your couch and watch a marathon of your favorite reality TV series, hitting the great outdoors may help you recharge. Recent research suggests that spending quality time with nature can help you feel more creative and relaxed. Visit a nearby park to take a hike or hit the local bike trail to soak up some scenery.

Although you might be feeling the post-Valentine’s blues, there’s no reason to stay glum. Take a few minutes per day to pamper yourself or do something out-of-the-ordinary to boost your spirits. Then take a deep breath and be thankful that Valentine’s Day comes just once per year.

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Maire loves writing about love, practicing her yoga, and walking her Scottish Terrier, Pete.

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